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Algarve Car Rental
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in Algarve, Portugal
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Sometimes we notice that our customers have troubles typing the Algarve town names, so below there is a list with a few examples of the usual spelling mistakes.
Correct Wrong
Albufeira Alufeira, Albufiera, Abufiera, Abufeira, Albuferia
Almancil Amancil, Almamcil, Almansil
Alvor Alvoor, Alvour, Alvur
Armação de Pêra Armacao de Piera, Armasao de Pera
Carvoeiro Cravoeiro, Carvoiero, Carvueiro, Carvoerio
Castro Marim Castor Maru
Faro Fao, Faru
Ferragudo Ferragud, Feragudo, Ferlagudo
Lagoa Lagaoa, Lagao, Lagoo
Lagos Lagus, Lagoos
Loulé Laule, Lolé, Loolé
Monchique Monxique, Mochique, Mochice, Monchiqe, Monchice
Monte Gordo Mont Gordo, Monte Guordo, Monti Gordo
Olhão Olao, Onhao, Oaao, Olhan
Portimão Portmao, Protimao, Portimau, Purtimao
Quarteira Quartiera, Carteira, Cuarteira
Sagres Sougres, Sacres, Sagers
Salema Saleima, Salima, Salama
Silves Silfes, Siles, Seelves
Tavira Taveira, Taviera, Tavera
Vilamoura Vilamora, Villemoura, Vilemoura
Vila Real de Santo António Vial Real de Sto Antonio, Vila Real de Sacto Antonio

    Our vehicles are environmental friendly, and checked monthly for CO2 emissions.

    Our maintenance products (Oil, Brakes, Tyres, Etc...) are all recycled.

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